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Monday, September 5, 2011

Scrap book stickers!

Thanks to a very talented nail artist (Tartofraises) she gave me an idea to do a design similar to hers. I bought some scrap book sticker corner frames. They come in all sizes and designs. I bought the silver ones. I painted my nails a metallic blue and carefully placed the sticker diagonally across my nail and added a crystal. Top coat and voila la!  Enjoy.

And there you have it, simple, pretty and very unique!


  1. HAAAAA this is so genius. I was wondering if those scrapbook stickers were a good idea for nails, there are some awesome glittery/ foil ones everywhere and now days they're super cheap. I hope they last on there for a while!

  2. Wow Jacks, looks amazing! Defo talented! U should do this for living! It's fab!!!x

  3. Thanks, the stickers last as long as you keep the design. I usually change mine every 4 days as I get bored.