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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Acrylic Paint and Daisy's.

I bought some pretty acrylic neon paint last week. You can find them in any art and craft store, I found mine in Walmart.

I painted my nails with a base coat, my favourite, OPI Nail Envy, then once dry put on two coats of white nail polish.
The white polish will help any neon or bright colours pop. Get a fine paint brush and get started. The acrylic paint dries so fast that by the time I had painted all the orange daisy's on one hand they were dry.

Keep adding the flowers, space them out and then once done, use a black nail art pen, or polish and dot the flowers. The below shot was taken outdoors.

I decided that to finish it off, a few little green leaves placed here and there would make it perfect.

Add your favourite top coat. I love Seche Vite but I found that sometimes it shrinks when it dries and pulls the nail polish back from the tips, so lately I have been using Orly Polishshield. It dries a little slower (not by much) and doesn't shrink. Oh yes and it glows under a black light too!