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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have so many favourite nail polishes but my number one, best of the best is Gosh Rainbow. Sadly the manufacturers have stop making it!  I was very lucky last year to be able to find one online. I treasure it and use it very sparingly. So without further ado.... here she is!

I used a dark blue base but any dark colour will do. Gosh Rainbow flashes green, gold and red. Absolutely gorgeous.

I have found two other colours online which claim to be dupes for this colour. I got one in yesterday, Kleancolor chunky black holo. The other one has not arrived yet, it is called CND Sugar Baby.
The chunky black has glitter not flakies, like Gosh but they reflect the same way. The CND, we will have to see.

I hope that the dupes are as good as this as this is a really lovely polish. What girl doesn't want rainbows on her nails!


  1. Hey! I have the PERFECT dupe! I actually wore it on top of black just last week, and when I saw the picture, I was sure that that's what you had done, too!
    Anyway, it's a new Essie polish called Shine of the Times. I love it! It's the only flake polish I have, and it looks like a fire opal on my finger! Hope this helps!!

  2. Fantastic, thank you for the info, I will go check it out. I have other flakies that are similar to this now but I will check out, Shine of the times. :0)