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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tiger Blood.

I wanted something different, something fun and exciting!  I love looking at the very clever ideas on You Tube. One tutorial I liked so much I decided to do it but with my own twist!

The colours I chose were bold and bright and in your face! I used a white polish as a base. It also makes your colours pop!

After the base coat had dried, I put on the yellow and let it dry. Then I added the orange and while it was wet added a bit more yellow and kinda blended them together! Afterwards, using a black art pen, you make your tiger stripes, back and forth. However for me the best bit after your top coat has dried, go immediately (lol) to a black light and WOW!!

Let the fun begin. I got so many compliments on this design, it is my favourite one so far. Give it a go!