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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orly - Glowstick and Melt your Popsicle. Neon delights!!

Orly has some gorgeous neons out this year. I love neon polishes so I got my two favourite colours and jumped on the gradient bandwagon. Here is the result.

I used a white polish first, then applied...........

At least two coats of Glowstick. You must wait until each coat has dried before applying the next stage.  I then got a sponge and on a piece of paper I put some Orly Glowstick and .........

Some Orly Melt your Popsicle side by side. I then took my sponge and dabbed it on the two polishes and gently sponged it on the tips of my nails. I gently moved the sponge up and down to get that mid gradient. You must wait for each coat to dry too or it will lift the previous coats.
When you are satisfied, apply a coat or two of your favourite top coat. I reason I say two is because when you do a gradient the polish is sometimes a little bumpy and two top coats smoothes it out and helps blend the polishes (in my experience anyways).

This is what you get!!   Gorgeous and super bright, especially outdoors.

As soon as the sun went down, I switched on my black lights, boy these would be fun in a nightclub.

I hope you try this and enjoy them as much as I did. Thanks Orly for the lovely neons.


  1. What a great idea! Gorgeous effect!

  2. They're so cool! where can you get the nail polish? :D

    1. I usually buy them at Sally Beauty Store or online from Ebay.

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